Ready To Go Resumes provides independent assistance to job seekers by supporting the customer in making informed decisions about their career goals. We work step by step with the customer to achieve career objectives and providing essential tools. The career-coaching package focuses on displaying your work experience, skills, and education while helping to turn interviews into job offers.

The interview process can be intimidating and we want to help participants overcome the stress/anxiety that comes along with completing an interview. Take advantage of the opportunity to let our team simplify your efforts in finding a career you love. Let us help you jumpstart your networking connections, and approach your career hunt more effectively. If you have any doubt about what career path you should follow or your looking for a change in the middle of your career, allowing a career coach to provide services is your best decision. We will help you find your natural career path that you have always been looking for.

Career Coaching

Objectives of our Career Coaching Services:

  • Self Assessment- Ready To Go Resumes will perform a free consultation to gather more information about you, and devise a plan-of-action towards your career goals.
  • Resume/Cover Letter- We develop your Resume and Cover Letter and prepare each document for marketing.
  • Networking- We will provide job market education by uncovering the perfect interaction channels that fit you and your career.
  • Assisted Career Search- Ready To Go Resumes teaches you how to match your skills, knowledge, and abilities to the perfect career.
  • How to ace the Interview- Our team educates you about the best practices of interview performance, and expose the most common interview mistakes.
  • Career Advancement/Career Change- In the end, you will learn how to progress in your career field at the right opportunity, and we will give away the tools necessary to change careers.

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