Professional Resume Writing

One of our main career services is resume writing. Writing a resume is more than grammar and proper formatting. This is the document that give you a chance to interview with the prospective career opportunity. We can develop a great resume for you.

Career Coaching

Your career is a life event, somewhat like a marriage. It will determine a lot about your life, like where you live, the car you drive, etc. There are measures you should take when seeking a career. Our career coaching services help with branding and marketing yourself as an asset.

Assisted Career Search

Looking for a job can be a daunting and time consuming task, sometimes even discouraging. We can help narrow down your options and connect you with the career you are looking for. About 80% of job opening are not marketed online with major job sites. Let us help you find a career.

Additional Career Services

Don’t see what you are looking for here on this list? We are sure to be able to help with anything involving finding a career. Please let us know what you need.

Besides the fore-mentioned career services, we provide additional career services, such as:

Personal Branding

Developing a brand for yourself in today’s market is very important. Not sure where to start? From a professional logo and colors, to your profile photos, creating a brand helps develop your professional image. We can help.

Negotiation Skills

The average person misses out on $500,000.00 in their lifetime due to the lack of negotiation skills. Whether you are asking for a raise, negotiating your salary requirements, or looking to get promoted, we can assist you with the process.


The majority of HR departments, staffing agencies and recruiters out there will most likely have your resume buried in a pile. It takes a pro-active effort to stand out in today’s career market. We can help.

Federal Career Services

Working for the US Government can prove very beneficial. Although it is not always easy getting in the door. Our team has the experience and knowledge of the Federal hiring process, and the specifics on how to obtain and maintain a Government position.