What Is The Hidden Job Market?

After talking with several customers of Ready To Go Resumes, (who got jobs shortly after they had their resume developed by us), I discovered a hidden job market that exist amongst us! The jobs they received were not advertised and after further research, I found that 80% of all positions are filled without employer advertising. So how are these positions filled you may ask… Well, these positions are filled or created for job seekers who catch the attention of employers. There are different ways this can happen: Social Profiles, recommendations from employees, referrals from prior employers, recruiters, or through direct contact at a social outing.

How To Tap Into The Hidden Job Market…

Having knowledge of the hidden job market should show you how important it is to participate in effective networking. Use your connections and contacts to linkup with employers. Become skilled at finding the hidden job market, here are a few methods:

  1. When you’re at an outing, always ask what people do for a living, what company they work for, what other type of positions does the company have. Of course, if you’re interested, get some contact information and ask if you can use them as a reference. There is a time and place for everything so have the knowledge to know when/where to approach somebody (coffee shop, job fair, seminar, book store, etc.).
  1. Talk to your friends and family. They may not be performing the exact position you are interested in but your position may exist within the organization.
  1. Utilize social media. Look at profiles, connect with people, follow what they discuss, FIND OUT. Look at your connections, other profiles and look up the company they work for, look at their position, and work experience.

NOTE: When you reach out to various people, approach them politely. Greeting, Introduction, Ask, say Thank you (GIAT approach- Give It A Try).

What Can You Do?

Employers are always looking for new candidates: to replace departing employees, replace inefficient workers, retiring employees, and acquiring new experience for new projects. In many cases, employers have immediate openings to fill (people who quit without notice, resign without notice, or relocate without notice). Finding the right connections are hard, but worthwhile in the end. Once the right connections are made, things happen fast to get you in the position. Your resume is very important to offer at a moments notice in this case, so keep it updated and format/content ready. Order Your Resume Today!

Jeruard Anderson

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