Many of the hiring agencies in the United States Federal Government follow the same guidelines and procedures for hiring. The process is stricter than the private civilian sector; the government goes off accomplishments and qualifications for each position. In each agency:

The Department of State, the Transportation Security Agency or the Defense Logistics Agency each have several employers who perform their own recruiting, so your selling yourself short if you tailor a one-fits-all resume for each position you apply for. Your resume should be edited and tailored each time you apply for a different position. As stated earlier, the guidelines and procedures are pretty standard across agencies:

Federal Hiring Process

When a position closes on USAJOBS.gov, applications are no longer accepted. The automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) automatically cuts resumes that do not meet the keyword requirements or Formatting requirements. Your resume should match a high percentage of the keywords located in the job description and qualifications section of the job announcement. Human Resources performs another sweep of the resumes that made it pass the ATS, and cuts the candidates that do not meet the minimum qualifications. When the top applicants are identified, the resumes are sent to the Hiring Manager for review and the interviews and references check are performed. The chosen candidate(s) are then sent to Human Resources, and Human Resources offers the job. If the candidate agrees to the position, additional information is provided for security purposes. When security checks are completed, a start date is negotiated with the new employee.

Knowing the process can offer a huge relief, and more importantly, using the correct format is key. The perfect do-it-yourself Federal Resume Template can be obtained through Ready To Go Resumes for a competitive price: Federal Resume DIY Template- Order Now section of www.readytogoresumes.com

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