Federal Interview Process

The key ingredient in making it to the federal interview process is to get pass the Automated Tracking System (ATS) and attract HR representatives or recruiters by keyword optimization. Keyword optimization is utilizing the relative keywords included in the job announcement, job qualifications, and job description that tell the ATS system, “You are the best candidate for the job”. Once your resume makes it pass the computer, it will be forwarded to a reader who will read (Federal HR representatives) or scan (civilian/private sector recruiters) your resume. To master the art of grabbing the attention of HR representatives and recruiters, you must take the time to read and understand the job you are applying for. Once you understand what the job requires, you can analyze your qualifications, skills, and work history; then match it up against what you know about your future position. *Note – Make your qualification known as soon as possible. If you are performing the job currently, put the relative information in your work history – if you meet the qualification with a prior career, place the qualifications in the summary section at the top of your resume*

Lets take a look at a real Federal job description and optimize!

Administrative Assistant position

The major duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Responding to inquiries of a non-technical nature, verbally or in writing;
  2. Preparing agendas for weekly Legislative Council Meetings;
  3. Updating and maintaining the Director’s filing system along with managing document retention and archiving;
  4. Managing and acquiring office supplies and property and administrative services requests to include repairs and maintenance of facilities, equipment, and furniture;

Keywords in resume:

  1. Responds to client and customer inquiries through verbal/writing communication.
  2. Prepares materials for executive meetings or briefings.
  3. Updates and maintains administrative business files in connection with policies and procedures.
  4. Acquires various office supplies/property as necessary. Generates administrative service requests for repairs and maintenance of facilities, equipment, and furniture.

*Consideration for employment in this example derives under the assumption that the employee meets each qualification.

Finally, the last assessment is to have a friend, colleague, or professional look over your resume to ensure you have successfully tailored your resume to the position. If the individual cannot realize why you are applying or how you meet the best qualified, then you need to critique your resume once more. Optimizing your resume is a job in itself. Ready To Go Resumes LLC offers assistance to individuals who are in need of tailoring their resume. Take advantage of a 20% discount on all products/services and move forward with your career; rather it is a promotion, change in career, or beginning of a desired industry. Discount Code: R2GR20

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