In the current job market an unlimited choice of options are available to Recruiters and HR representatives. Through traditional and non-traditional training methods, individuals have alternatives to education and many are taking full advantage of this opportunity. This answers the question, “why brand yourself”? The decision makers know almost every person in the job market has some type of education or specialized training, and therefore, they look for shortcuts or “the niche” that separates job seekers from one another. Through this process, they will choose the STRONGEST BRAND! Branding yourself is fairly new so many don’t know how.

1. Find your brand identity- What do you want to represent? Many individuals have work experience in one field, and an education in another. Which do you want to represent?

2. Tell your brand story- This is accomplished through your Online Resume Profile. Your brand story should tell recruiters what your worth: your experience, organizations you worked for and what you accomplished with them, your attributes: oral/written communicator, effective time manager, manger/supervisor of a team, document manger, database monitor etc.

3. Identify what separates you from other job seekers- Start with identifying all your skills: accounting, marketing, customer service, safety, contract compliance. Then, develop a unique method to exemplify all your skills as you develop who you are.

4. Target an activity area- What activity area will you choose to work in? There are many logistics specialist and managers that exist but what area do they desire to work? Medical facility, Warehouse, retail, military/federal? Once your activity area is chosen, you can build your brand around duties and responsibilities performed in your specific target activity area.

Branding yourself is a mixture of all 4 steps and can be captured through the development of your resume but who knows you exist? If you type your name in any search engine, what will show up? Personally brand yourself and become a known authority in your industry. Ready To Go Resumes allows an opportunity to be in charge of your own personal brand by creating an Online Resume Profile for you. Your personal brand exhibits authority, online identity, and a personal brand voice.

Jeruard Anderson

Author Jeruard Anderson

Jeruard's experience comes from Logistics, which he carries a Masters degree in. He is a Veteran of the Army and has spent several years working over seas for the Federal Government. His background is extremely valuable for the government sector.

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