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Federal resumes are for government positions advertised on and They also can be developed for organizations that contract for the Department of Defense such as Booz-Allen-Hamilton, Fluor, ManTech or Lockheed Martin.

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To work in the United States government, the most important items are your resume and how you answer the application manager questions. The purpose of the federal Human Resource department is to read your resume and be able to have the potential to hire you based on your resume. The candidates that are invited to the interview are individuals they want to hire; but you must go through the interview process so the hiring authority can make a decision on who the best employee fit will be. Thus, very precise and vital information needs to be included in the resume. Each job function the position is asking for needs to be categorized in your resume and explained in detail. The average federal resume length is 2.5-3.5 pages in content.

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