Today’s labor market is very competitive, and it can be difficult to attract good employees. Offering a robust benefits package can make your company more appealing to potential hires, as well as keep your current workforce happy and healthy. If you’re looking for ways to begin offering benefits to your employees, this guide presented by Ready To Go Resumes can help.

Traditional Benefits

SWBC points out that some employee benefits are legally required. For example, businesses with more than 49 employees must offer quality health insurance. Employers must provide workers’ compensation insurance and make contributions to Medicare, Social Security, and unemployment insurance. Check with your state to see what is required.

Other benefits are not legally mandated but are very popular. For example, recent data show that about half of all employers offer workplace wellness benefits.

These programs often include:

  • Fitness classes
  • Healthy workplace snacks
  • Personalized coaching and counseling
  • Gym memberships
  • Fitness competitions
  • Nutrition information

Another benefit many employers offer is tuition assistance for education related to employees’ professional improvement. For instance, a degree in management and leadership fosters skills in conflict management, critical thinking, and other areas that benefit all workers. When tuition assistance is provided for online education, employees can work toward a degree while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Even though these benefits are common among workplaces, they should not be overlooked. A healthy and well-educated workforce is beneficial to all employers.

Unique Benefits

Some of the most attractive benefits may be ones you have never considered offering. For example, BenefitsPRO notes that pet health insurance is a growing industry and one many employees highly value. As younger generations delay or avoid having children, many focus their parental energies on dogs and cats. Offering health insurance for these “fur babies” is often a big draw to qualified job candidates.

More workplaces than ever are allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. Although this is not feasible for all institutions, those who can allow it enjoy many benefits. Stress levels are generally lower, and retention rates are higher.

Providing employees with sleep pods for a quick nap during the workday is a growing trend. Some employees go to their cars for a nap during their breaks anyway, so why not make the experience more comfortable for them with a designated sleeping area?

If you don’t want your employees sleeping on the premises, consider simply creating a calm place to recharge. Turn an empty office into a quiet room with plush pillows and maybe play some peaceful instrumental music or give access to guided meditations. Add a few relaxing puzzles or games, and you’re all set.

Another idea to consider is regularly hosting team building activities. These can be conducted in-person as well as online, and you can take pictures of your team enjoying themselves to share on your company’s social media accounts. Keep access to a resize image online tool handy. This will make it easy to adjust your image sizes, making them stand out online.

Small Business Benefits

Even small businesses with limited budgets can create enviable benefits packages. Some benefits do not cost extra. If possible, allow employees to work from home or create their own schedule. You may even find this increases productivity.

Other benefits can be offered at a low cost. Snacks and meal options can be bought in bulk, and recreational equipment is available at second-hand stores.

If your business is too small to offer health insurance, provide assistance with the national or state health insurance marketplace. Create an instructional pamphlet or direct employees to your state’s marketplace

When individuals look for a job, they consider more than just the pay scale. They are thinking holistically about what is best for themselves and their families. If you want the best workers, you need to consider their wide-ranging interests as well. Offer benefits that keep employees happy, healthy, and productive.

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