When you’re looking for the best workers for your small business, you want to look everywhere, even in far-flung countries like Nigeria. An often missed opportunity when it comes to excellent laborers is immigrants or foreign-based workers. When you hire one of these individuals, you’re hiring a person that wants to work for you. They want the opportunity to work, but much of the time, they aren’t given the opportunity to do so. If you’re looking for the best pool of candidates, it’s time to expand your search to a larger labor market. Learn how to do that in this article from Ready To Go Resumes!

Is Hiring Immigrants for My Small Business Legal?

Absolutely! In most cases, documented immigrants have the ability to work in the United States. They normally have a resume ready to go but are not always afforded the opportunity to present it to employers. Most of the time, this is due to unfounded beliefs that the hiring process for an immigrant is more complicated than the standard process. This just isn’t true, though.

When you’re hiring an immigrant, the only legal requirement is that they are authorized to work in the United States. There are documents that prove this, and all you have to do is ask for them. The process following this is just the same as it is for a citizen, with copies being made of the documentation and reported to the government.

Recruiting Services Can Help with In-Person Positions

If you’re looking to hire an immigrant for labor in a physical storefront, you may have luck expanding your search for candidates by working with a recruiter. Recruiting agencies have large pools of workers, including immigrants that are legally authorized to work in the country. This is a good place to start when you’re looking to expand your hiring pool to begin with.

Online Job Boards Are a Place to Hire Foreign-Based Workers

If you don’t need an employee to be present, you may have better luck with hiring foreign-based workers from online job boards. There are many online job boards where freelancers from other countries like Nigeria can be hired. These job boards are best used for digital services, like writing, development, or graphic design work.

Using online job boards, you can hire foreign-based workers from any number of countries. Places like Nigeria have thousands of freelance workers ready to help you get your work done.

Paying Foreign-Based Workers

You may be concerned about paying any foreign-based workers that you hire online. This is a legitimate concern – of course. Most businesses would find themselves in financial agony if they had to pay their workers with international wire transfers and traditional payment platforms. The fees for such services are costly.

Thankfully, services like Remitly have made themselves available at a low cost. Remitly is a reliable, secure method of paying your Nigeria-based workers. The exchange rates through Remitly are reasonable, and payments can be sent for as little as a few dollars per transaction. Modern technology has made the process of hiring international workers even easier.

Recruit International Workers for Your Business Today

Whether or not you need someone in-person, or someone to help you with your digital workflow, hiring an international worker can be great for your business. Expand your pool of candidates by hiring immigrants or searching online job boards for international workers. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make.

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