How to get past the toughest job interview questions? The job interview process is the process where the HR Representatives/Recruiters and the Job Candidate exchange information concerning the job announcement, promotion, special assignment, or some sort of proposal. I have noticed job interviews with contracting companies are a little less formal but for the most part, job interviews can be intimidating. The objective is to answer job interview questions that: 1 – answer the question, 2 – show personality so the listeners can figure out if you fit the work culture, 3 – display your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities. Here are a few of the toughest questions and how to get past the toughest job interview questions.

What do you consider your most significant accomplishment: This is where you can get the job! Prepare extensively. Tell a brief story, which includes details and your professional involvement. State the problem, action, resolution organization works well here. Describe the situation that presented a problem, detail what actions you took to resolve it, and discuss what the resolution was. This should be an accomplishment that was truly worth achieving. Some aspects that you could discuss include: hard work, deadlines, overcoming obstacles, important company issues and relations with coworker. 

Have you ever accomplished something you did not think you could: Show you are goal-oriented here, have a strong work ethic, personal commitment and integrity. Provide a good example where you overcame numerous difficulties to succeed. Prove you are not a quitter and you’ll get going when the going gets tough. 

Can you take criticism without getting upset: The answer here is always yes. Explain how you can take criticism to make you a more productive employee. Let the interviewer know that people tend to see better on the outside looking in than the inside looking out and you understand that and thus, you take criticism well and spend the time to investigate. And if the criticism sounds like it is inaccurate, you still take the time to attempt to see another’s prospective. 

Deadlines, frustration, difficult people and silly rules can make a job difficult. How do you handle these types of things: If you cannot deal with these things then you will be seen as a problem! You certainly can state your displeasure at the petty side of these issues, but how you overcome them is more important. Diplomacy, perseverance and common sense can often prevail even in difficult circumstances. This is part of corporate America and you must be able to deal with it on a regular basis so let them know that. “These care common issues that come along with working in any organization and I understand that….therefore, I always respond positive to these situations and I do not let it affect the mission of the organization and day-to-day operations”. 

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