The career market is fast-paced and wide-spread, simply because we have moved towards a 24/7 working market. Social media channels and other means of communication are the drivers behind the movement. Job searches have become a regular habit since it’s so easy to reach people via mobile phones, tablets, and mobile friendly job boards. What does that mean to you? Your resume only gets one review (since the market is overly populated) and one opportunity to make an impression; therefore, you want to make sure you take full advantage of the best resume trends 2018!! Career Experts and Elite Career Specialist have similar advice for job seekers.

  1. Make your resume short and sweet: Research has proven that precise/short resumes are more powerful than long resumes (in the private sector, civilian sector). Your accomplishments and qualifications count but a short read is more attractive to the resume reader.
  2. Social Media: First, clean up your social media; ensure it is appeasing to the viewer. Employers allow you to add hyperlinks on your resume or apply through social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram). Personal branding is important for this reason. Display your social media to portray the type of person/worker you are. Pictures working (in a business setting or home setting) is acceptable.
  3. Avoid Designing your resume (with the exception of marketers, web designers, home designers etc.). Although it is eye catching and looks good on paper, it cannot be read through ATS systems; which are utilized by the majority of originations today. The special characters such as: borderlines, shading, colors, special characters outside of the number 1 – 0 cannot be read by the Automatic Tracking System (ATS).

Other trends include avoiding adding “common sense” skills – customer service, communication, problem solver, discipline etc. These skills should be evident in the content of your resume and not the skills section so it’s wasted space. Rather, add skills that stick: expert in weapons systems, supply distribution, automated systems utilization (name the automated systems), or process improvement. The named skills shows action; remember to show action and you will be okay! Following resume trends 2018 will provide a greater opportunity of you getting hired and securing a career. Good Luck to you all!

*Special note: Career Experts and Elite Career Specialist have also noted candidates are still utilizing the word “I” in their resume…a big no no! “I collect cash and accurately distribute proper amounts back to customers”, “I ship materials to customers; properly recording work activity”. Consider this: Collects cash and accurately distributes proper amounts to customers”, and “Ships materials to customers; properly recording work activity”.

Jeruard Anderson

Author Jeruard Anderson

Jeruard's experience comes from Logistics, which he carries a Masters degree in. He is a Veteran of the Army and has spent several years working over seas for the Federal Government. His background is extremely valuable for the government sector.

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